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  1. Computer gamers 'have reactions of pilots but bodies of chain smokers'

    Published: 2:07PM BST 07 Jun 2010

    Professional computer gamers have the reactions of fighters pilots but the bodies of 60-year-old chain smokers, according to tests comparing them with international athletes

    A university academic conducted a series of physical and psychological tests to determine whether playing on computers could be defined as a sport.

    Top gamers can earn tens of thousands of pounds a year in prize money and sponsorship but academics have warned the cost to their health could be devastating.

    The cyber-sportsmen had mental sharpness and psychological traits comparable to 'real' athletes, and reacted to visual stimuli almost as fast as fighter jet pilots.

    But their fitness levels were shockingly low and comparable to people either much younger or much older than their actual age.

    One leading gamer in his twenties appeared to be slim and healthy with a physique similar to an endurance athlete.

    But tests revealed he in fact had the lung function and aerobic fitness of a heavy smoker in his sixties.

    Dr Micklewright blamed the gaming lifestyle of spending 10 hours a day in front a computer screen and warned youngsters against such a sedentary lifestyle.

    He said: ''Someone of this age should be much fitter, but perhaps this is the occupational hazard of the professional gamer who can spend around 10 hours a day in front of a screen.

    expect its the same for scalpers like us
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    These are the same similar like studies been done almost every year since the early 90's especially during the years.

    Basically they said any type of computer like work that requires you to sit at least 5 hours per day (5 days per week) (e.g. computer programmer, office clerk, telemarketer, customer service et cetera) will produce similar like health problems if these folks did not do routine exercise before/after/during work.

    Heck, we can say the same about any job that's computer related or not related to computers (e.g. trucker). Simply, if we don't take care of our bodies (eat healthy and exercise)...our health risk increases dramatically.

  3. Sitting is unhealthy. Thats why swing trading or automated is much better than discretionary daytrading, other then the fact discretionary daytrading doesnt make you money.
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    I did a study once of about +350 traders. The issue is not discretionary trading.

    Instead, the issue is if the trader is trading full-time, part-time or hobby like (academic). Simply, the average day trader that's automated (e.g. lescor) or discretionary trader (e.g. NoDoji) spends the same amount of time in front of the computer screen.

    The difference was not if someone was automated, discretionary, day trading, swing trading or position trading. In contrast, it was if you were full-time, part-time or hobby-like (academic).

    Yeah...sitting is extremely unhealthy if we do it for long periods of time and consistently without the balance from healthy eating and routine exercise. Also, there's been some studies that shows there are psychological impact too (e.g. increased mood swings, withdrawal, depression).

    Weight gain or unexplained weight loss is a warning sign something is very wrong.

  5. I run 4 miles every morning. I'm fine ... right?
  6. NoDoji


    Yes! I run 2-3 miles a day, plus soccer, plus weights 3x week. Fit as a fiddle, but I must admit my eyes are filled with pixel dust at the close and I occasionally have trouble forming complete sentences :p
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    I train full time with a strength and conditioning coach, by the time the opening bell rings Ive already been through hell and fully deserve a couple hours of slouch time.

    Being completely exhausted actually helps keep me even keeled during trading.
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    I've been getting concerned about my health since I can spend 8+ hours per day in front of a computer. Some days it is less but that is probably the average. I do look healthy but I'm fearful that my health will go downhill due to lack of exercise.

    I've been walking 30 minutes per day and doing push ups. My goal is to increase that. I was reading that NASA requires astronauts on the space station to walk on a treadmill 2 hours per day to prevent muscle loss in a weightless environment.

    I've been thinking maybe I should try to up my walking to 2 hours per day?
  9. spd


    If I were you, Id spend your 30min walk time walking a faster pace and add lifting weights. Walking for 2 hours sounds super boring, Id guess you'd burn out quick.
  10. I got an eliptical machine and NetFlix for the Wii. On demand TV shows kick ass, no commercials to fast-forward thru. 3 half-hour regular TV shows, or 2 half-hour cable shows, is an hour.

    I do an hour every morning. I just finished all 4 seasons of My Name Is Earl, now I'm watching Weeds. :)
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