Daytraders favourite securities to trade

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    ES,YM,NQ,QM, CL is the most favourite by far for futures by daytraders.

    Then there are ETF in the AMEX like USO,FAS etc

    What are the best stocks to daytrade?
  2. i'm gonna bump this to the top cause i'm interested too.

    i trade aapl, something slow i traded was K
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    OIH moves well.
  4. For me, it's whatever is moving today. I look for stocks showing big gaps or unusual volume. By unusual, I mean like 2x normal.
  5. steve, that goes back to many on going discussions of:

    play what works


    play what you know

    u are a what works guy. ;)
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  7. Stocks that are in play (earnings, news) that are very liquid and have a multi point intraday range (except GOOG). These stocks tend to change from day to day but most stocks in play will be good for a few days or so.
  8. i use to trade the es, now i focus all my attention on the nq. in my opinion way easier to trade. less shakeouts can use bigger stop etc.
  9. GC, QM and GBPUSD
  10. I think the rise of the ultra ETFs has altered the way many daytraders operate. Back in the day, most stock traders either concentrated on a few favorites or scanned for stocks that were in play. Now, why bother? Just trade the double and triple ETFs and get fantastic liquidity and leverage.
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