Daytraders coming back to the game

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Banjo, Jul 29, 2003.

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    "These traders are like Marlene Colean, 66, who three months ago kicked her trading into overdrive. From her home office in Fort Pierce, Fla., overlooking the Indian River, Colean trades roughly 8,000 shares a day and claims she's seen a 52% return since March"

    You just gotta luv this
  2. well, things go back to normal for quite some time now.
    it is better for all of us.
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    The more people in the game that DON'T know what their doing, the easier it gets for people that have at least some idea, lol

  4. I wonder if the "new" traders are making any money. Or are they just attempting to get back in because the market HAS rallied and they think it's going to be like the 90's?? If that's the case, in 3 to 6 months they will be dropping out again.

    I would love to see alot of fuel added to this fire.

    I remember when every Tom, Dick, and Harry thought that they were genius' in the market. That used to bother me. But now, I would love it if all of the "genius" came back for an extended period.
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    Dentists making trades in between seeing patients, again? :)
  7. face it, there really won't be any credible way for any of us to really know whether or not others are succeeding in this business, or confusing a few successful trades with overall success.

    it takes quite a few successes to make a living or exceed previous employment salaried earnings from trading, and view the increase in earnings as a success...
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    Come on now, it's a new millenium! They're now in there with their web-enabled Palm Pilots / PocketPC's making trades while you spit.:D :eek: :p


    I think most new traders will wash out in time since they seem to jump in the game when the market moves upwards, suggesting to me they play the long side only. Tough to survive longer term if you're not willing to short the market also.
  10. I have been swing trading for over 20 years and always welcome a new crop of cocky daytraders.
    99% of them crash and burn
    You pay to play, you snooze you lose.

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