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  1. Just came across this posting on a UK Bulletin Board, which I felt may be of help to others here.

    Dear fellow day traders;

    A word of warning, DVT or deep vein thrombosis which for the layman is blood clots; newspapers call it economy class syndrome. It happens when you sit for hours, the blood thickens causing swelling and then blocked veins.

    People at major risk are people who:-

    have high blood pressure
    family history
    physical inactivity
    high cholesterol
    high alcohol intake

    So having read this far you think to yourself thats not me why should this bother me thats what I thought I will tell you my story as a warning to everybody else.

    2 months ago I would swim every day, day trade between 7am and 5pm, 5 days a week, weekends 4 or 5 hours checking internet sites/research etc. I do not smoke, I do not have high blood pressure my cholesterol level is 4.2(national average 4.8) I'm not obese have no family history do not consume large amounts of alcohol.

    6 weeks ago started to get pains in my knee cap, thought this was a pulled muscle, went to the doctors was given cream to rub on, took aspirins as a pain killer pain seemed to go away was also starting to notice lack of brain power and tiredness.

    5 weeks ago pain continued to return to my leg muscle taking aspirin seemed to cure this gave up swimming as too tired trading starting to get affected. Number of trades dropping off.

    4 weeks ago pain starting again in my leg, I feel more tired becoming less mobile taking the weekend off to rest, just sitting watching TV. Tired before lunch falling asleep in the afternoon in front of the computer. Number of day trades dropping, brain struggling feeling run down feels like I need a holiday.

    3 weeks ago out of breath climbing the stairs pain in the legs now moving to the groin, hot and cold sweats, go to see the doctor again with a long list of my ailments have blood, urine, prostate tests and chest x-ray told to come back in 5 days for results.

    2 weeks ago go to see doctor now out of breath just walking across car park and it brought my pulse rate to 140. Doctor examines me again x-ray urine everything OK but blood pressure low, pulse very high. He is not happy at all sends me straight to hospital was connected to an ecg machine machine it immediately says that I have had a heart attack. Rushed into cardiac intensive care placed on oxygen wired up injected with various drugs etc. For those chartists out there my charts looked like a profit warning.

    13 days ago now in quite a bad way specialists have worked out that as my heart has not released a specific enzyme I have not damaged it, various tests all day from which I never left the bed they were all brought to me eventually they discover I have 24 blood clots on my lungs and they then gave me dambusting drugs to clear my veins and thin my blood.

    1 week ago can now breath without oxygen recovering well have slight heart murmur told my breathing will continue to get better but will never be 100% again.

    So why? research is still going into DVT I was interviewed by 6 different specialists all eager in researching this new condition they was amazed that I could sit 10 hours in front of a computer only to get up to get a cup of coffee. Is this you?

    Do I walk? no just to the car Do regularly excercise? no, not in the winter. Working from home you tend to decrease in physical activity I was told in the hospital that I was lucky that I had a strong heart and that it was able to survive what I had put it through.

    In conclusion this may not be you if I was reading this I would think fool did he not know what was going on. I thought I was clever and knew my body well but when this hit it was quick, how could you ever get something that was supposed to be to do with flying in airplanes obviously it's to do with inactivity with day trading the brain may be going but the body isn't and if the body is not going the blood does not get enough oxygen the brain slows down and from there it is a slippery slope.


    I posted the following response;


    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, pleased to hear that you are recovering well.
    I have a few things to add, which I hope may be of use to others.
    I too have suffered with poor circulation in my legs and have had three operations for varicose veins in the last 15 years. Poor circulation is often hereditary and due to defective valves in the veins which allow blood to flow back down into the legs. Over a period of time this causes the wall of the veins to extend producing swelling, and what is known as varicose veins. The effects of varicose veins are often only mild, they can be itchy or produce feelings of heavy or tired legs. Sometimes however they can develop into much more serious conditions such as DVT, which unfortunately royce you have suffered from.
    To reduce the chances of developing either varicose veins or DVT it is important to try and maintain good venous blood flow. The worst thing you can do is stand stationary for long periods of time, as the calf muscles which act as a pump are not helping return blood to the heart and the blood can easily drain into the legs. Try and avoid sitting for long periods too, if this is not possible, then try and alleviate the situation by:
    1. Exercising the legs every hour or so. Try running up and down the stairs or walking briskly around the house, this will get the calf muscles working and get the venous blood flow going.
    2. When seated try and raise the legs by putting your feet up on a stool or pouffe etc. This lowers the blood pressure in the lower leg and makes it easier for the blood to flow back to the heart.)
    3. Get yourself a good quality, ergonomically designed chair.I can recommend these;
    Comfy Chairs!
    There not cheap, but if you're swing or day trading you spend at lot of time seated and you can't perform at your best if your uncomfortable.
    4. As already mentioned above, a regular exercise program is essential if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Sign up at the local gym, cycle or walk briskly, healthy body, healthy mind etc.
    Stay healthy and tradesmart!
  2. When things are slow I get up and do exercises. Also have a treadmill close by. If you sit in front of a computer 10 hours a day without doing anything your asking for it. I think whats more damaging than anything is stress. I'm suprised I didnt have a heart attack during my first year of trading.:)
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  4. Regardless of their occupations, those who do not exercise & eat a proper diet are dumb, it is a requirement for health & longevity, NOT a choice.


    ProTrader1 (5% bodyfat) :cool:
  5. Nice comeback Pro......
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  7. Just do it Rock!

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    You worked too hard to get $$$....

    and you can't take it with you. :)

    Take care.

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