Daytraders are delusional of the real world?

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  1. They are delusional of the real world, and they (try) to get into a
    "lone money-making endeavour" that daytrading promises, but fails to deliver.

    Making money alone is an oxymoron, as everything requires social skills (and marketing skills), which daytraders lack.
  2. Fails to deliver for you, maybe.

    Anti-social daytrader living on top of a mountain with a few million dollars and a secret underground base is the best possible job ANYONE could have.
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    jim c

    Great post garciia! you da man! !!!!! Boy you sure showed them! hahaha
  4. You drink the Kool Aid.

    There are no profitable daytraders in the long run.
    There are no daytraders making a killing, just barely breaking even from (short term and temporary) luck alone.

    Daytrading is only promoted by greedy, commissions-hungry brokers.
    They don't care if you lose, they only want you to generate commissions.
  5. Well, to be honest, I'm a rockstar with my own television show. I just day trade for fun when I'm in between shows or filming.
  6. what would you call in the long run?
  7. I can certainly understand that you don't make the cut as a daytrader and why.

    crgarcia: I suggest that perhaps you print the above 2 statements in super big letters, and paste them on a protest sign, and go to a nearby Goldman Sachs office and walk back and forth outside with it.

    There are no profitable daytraders!

    Or go up and ask one of their employees to show you the proof that they made money. Like a "signed" account statement of sort.

    And see what their reaction would be.

    Goldman, on the other hand, paid its employees $16.2 billion, an average of $498,000 per person in 2009.

    This half a million dollar bonus per person is the average for all employees. Not really the figure for their traders.

    How does Goldman make money? I give you a hint: they sure don't INVEST.
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    Me too, I'm a Porn star and love the rush daytrading gives me:D
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    What is laughable about your posts is that just reading it, we know that you are feeling as insecure about your "social skills" as you are about trading... You just keep bringing it as the base of all activity, thus you are too obsessive with it to be a naturally sociable person.
  10. What a load of hogwash.....and you are qualified to make this post?
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