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  1. ANyone have any experience with these guys at
    It says they're willing to give firm capital for a small deposit.
    Not that much info on their website.
    I'm gonna e-mail 'em to see if I can get more info.
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    Read the contract before you contact them. Did you see a phone number on that website? I didn't. I didn't see a physical address either. Shady.
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    Are you affiliated with
  4. tuna


    Thanks Uptick ,some light at the end of the tunnel,Moneys not covered tho which does'nt turn me on much....I'm real interested to see what others thoughts or experiences are too..
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    Does your firm accept traders from Canada? Thanks!

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    How much buying power do you offer on your 2000 deposit ?

    Also, how is this deposit handled, I have heard some firms allow you to keep it in a escrow account in case the firm goes under.

    What are your fees ?


  7. Guy911

    I am interested...will call. I sent an e-mail about a week ago to asking questions..I still haven't heard anything.
    Do you need any lisecences to be a trader with you? And if so, which one's. Also do you require traders to take and pay for your courses? Thats what All_tech was doing, and I don't think that went very well. I met with one of them, and it seemed like they were just trying to get people to pay $2000 for their training course. Then start trading 200 shares..and any losses would come from the trader. And if that was lost, its over.
    So the firm had no risk...and made $ on the training course.
  8. SHADY!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok Guy , a bit shady on the question about

    why don't you just say that you are in charge of both? Cause you are. And anyone who puts 2minutes of homework in would see that.
    I don't know why you would fade that question. The only reason would be is if you're hiding something.

    So anyone else reading this...I'm not trying to slam this guy(anyone who's read my posts knows that I'm just a trader, no company or affiliations) but I thought it was shady that he faded on that question. I looked up speedtrader and Guy is the principle of that firm, then if you crossreference that on you will see that he works at both places.
    Maybe its ligit...and some of us will deposit $2000 and if he screws us...I'd be happy to go with anyone to have a talk with Guy. I'm only an hour and a half from Mahopac.
  9. Guy,

    What are your commissions? And what are these "trading models" you reference on your web site?
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    "1. Payment. In consideration of DayTraderPro,Inc.'s agreement and covenants herein, the Firm hereby agrees to payout 100% of Contractor's net trading profits he or she is authorized to trade payable in 12 consecutive monthly installments on the third business day after the month ends. "

    Does this mean if you make $1200 in the first month,
    you only get $100 a month for the next 12 months?
    Or can you get $1200 the 3rd of next month?
    Why would they want to tie up your gains when you
    already have a deposit?
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