Daytrader lifestyle =boring

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bat1, May 13, 2010.

  1. bat1


    I retired from the Military in Jan 2010

    So I got into trading Nasdaq Stocks

    I been doing OK however it get boring and lonely at times
    when wife is away at work.

    I would like to know how you guys beat the boredom
    and looking at the walls day to day :p
  2. Boredom is better than stress. You must have had a good time in the military ...
  3. emg


    day trade ES
  4. you should be used to it. isnt the military all about hurry up and wait?
  5. Daytrading is a lonely, boring job.

    But what are my alternatives?
    -- Work for someone else?
    -- Make a lot less money?
    -- Have a shitty boss or unreliable employees to worry about?

    Truth is, the alternatives suck.

  6. Matcha


    You can trade and travel all over the world.
    At least that's my goal~~
  7. bespoke


    95% of the time i'm watching tv or browsing the web. recently i bought a ps3 and have been playing COD MW2. it's sad but i've already logged in 13 days of playing time.... thats 312 hours...

    anyone can add me as a friend if you like playing during the trading day, username 'milddownsyndrome'

    but if i sit at the computer i tend to interfere with my systems, overtrade or revenge trade so it has definitely saved me money
  8. Daytrading is not the only way to trade. I do short term trading (average 3-4 days) entering orders overnight with little to no need to followup during the trading day as well as some longer term trades that I only update weekly. I invested time in the strategy research, but not much is needed for the execution. I am making enough money this way to live off of, but some of it is not available (IRA) and I'm looking for more of a cushion so I'm still at a full time job. I would still prefer day trading to my job, I just don't think I have the time, skill, and patience for it.
  9. How are you entering orders overnight? Entering them as a limit order and leaving your broker platform running while you are away?

    I would worry about crappy fills otherwise...
  10. Occassionally I do get crappy fills, I got one today - still it was at my limit. More often I get filled better than my limit and of course much of the time right at my limit. Once my order is placed with the broker it doesn't matter whether I have my platform running or not, and I always use limit orders.
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