Daytrader Arrested

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bob777, May 22, 2002.

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    CNBC announced that a daytrader and chat room operator was arrested by the FBI. Does anyone know who it was and what's the story?

  2. is baron still here...??:cool:
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    Probably Toyoko Joe again!
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    he can rule the freakin jail!
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    It was Anthoney@pacific, but Im not sure what it was for. I was just on his site and looking at the things you need to give him to sign up.

    1. First and Last Name
    2. Alias. (What you will be known as on the site)
    3. Mailing Address
    4. Phone Number and Alternate Phone Number
    5. Email Address
    6. Credit Card Information for Billing
    <b>7. Social Security Number
    8. Employer Name and Phone Number
    9. A copy of your drivers license with your alias written on it </b>

    Why someone would give the last three on the internet is kind of a mystery, but I think he did have quiet a following.

  7. what's his site address?
  8. CNBC hates daytraders. I remember they had a whole series on the evils of daytrading back in early 2000. This guy was probably smoking some pot in his garage. They just love dishin negative dirt on day trading. Just another nail in the coffin.
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    There were a few interesting pages on Anthony@Pacific in the book Scam Dogs and Mo Mo Mamas by Emshwiller. Probably in the discount rack if not the prison library by now, but not a bad book at all.

    Of course only in America can a guy illegally find out that companies are shit and tell the public (Profit) and go to jail. But
    Merrill Lynch can legally know that a company is shit (Profit) and say we're so sorry, here is 1% of what we made em-kay. Makes sense to me.:confused:
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    It does not sound that much different than what many hedge fund managers do every day.

    1)Short the stock

    3) spread the rumor or leak the story

    4) cover when the story hits the wire

    This is how wall street operates..... The big guys are called Players and get praised for their sophistication and market savvy.

    The small guys are called con artist day traders.
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