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    considering trading eminin & eurex products through them, has anyone experiences with them to share?

    TIA & have a great start in 2K4!

  2. I have been using them for a while and reylly like them.
    Service is great and they are always ready to help.
    Talk to Kirk , he is the one that helps me....
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    will give them a 14-day trial to see how things work out with them...

    Are the rates comparable to IB & other retail brokers?

  4. The rates is wehre most have a problem with them.
    They are not the cheapest , but it depends on how much you trade and the size of your account.
    Barter hard and you shall get a good rate. I pay a little more then at IB , but for the service I get I am quite pleased.
    Good luck.
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    for all your postings...

    I am searching alternatives to IB, so far Global Futures seems to be a good one, but I have a serious problem with their commission structure for the EMinis. I want to trade these & some Eurex products like Bund & FESX.

    What other brokers should I consider?

    Or is there just no real alternative to IB for "no high volume traders/scalpers"?

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    When I got a commissions rate quote from them, they were higher than IB, unless you want to pay the J-Trader or X-Trader platform fee. In that case you might as well go to Velocity for even lower commissions, which is what I did.
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    exactly, Eurex comm. were okay with Global, but EMinis far too high im comparison with IB.

    Can you really recommend VF?

    TIA & best to you,
  8. But they can trade any market for you around globe and
    very low margin.

    I remember if you do 500 lots a month, they can give you
    2$, but they needed email confirming your target and your
    volume. is a bargain shop i believe. Just talk
    to online chat and tell what rate you want and they come
    back to you via email. No handcuff
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