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  1. is a brilliant businessman as he continues to gorge his customers with mark ups and ridiculas charges/software
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    .........I coulda sworn I've read this same article back a couple of years ago....but I checked the byline for a date Feb 2003????

    .....hmmmmm interesting kinda.....

  3. whoa stop the presses... major news... bright mentioned in story...


    geez vehn, i've always regarded as you bright's number 1 cheerleader, but this is just pathetic...

    care to let us know next time Don wipes his butt?
  4. has anyone ever told you you are kind of an ahole. if not let me be the first.of course someone like you would consider that a compliment.
    if you cant say anything useful it might be best to say nothing. you will look smarter that way.
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    Bright will suck you up all the ridiculuous charge, old equipment with pure hype.
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    You will get a better chance to survive.
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    and Don is one of the best saleman EVER for trading firms.

    - there is an endless supply of sheep... for now
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    pleasantly surprised by the article; didn't say it was easy, said it was hard but not impossible...

    wow, that's how it actually is!
  8. How come the opening order hype has died down?
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