Daytrade Futures C2 system

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    My dad just subscribed to this "system" and is having it autotraded. Awesome performance so far but my concern is that since the trader has yet to take a single loss he might be unwilling to do so, which could result in a blow up. Thoughts?
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    Look at the extreme drawdown on some of the trades (which indicates no stops), add the fact that the system is new, then factor in that he hasn't taken any losses, and you have all you need to know.
  3. 1) Declining volatility will probably affect future performance.
    2) Are the profits "real" or are they bogus accounting entries?
    3) Maybe, just maybe, the system is "that good". :cool:
  4. Max DD is only 12.21 % which means this is not the open DD suffered...
  5. Sad to say I was right. He went long near todays high and is still holding. My dad was able to manually exit the trade. It does not matter how good you are, if you fail to manage risk in this business you will not survive.
  6. Why is your Dad fooling around with his hard earned cash by autotrading a system from some anonymous person on a website with no accountability????
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    If my Dad gave money to someone who just started trading a system the first week of October, I'd be cleaning up the spare room in my house, as he will be living in it very soon.
  8. Too lazy to learn trading on his own and thinks that he is not capable of it. His attitude is: "I'm a lousy trader with no skill, but there are skilled traders out there so why not use their skill" My response is "No one has made $ in trading by blindly following other people's signals."
  9. His dads name is Ben Bernanke
  10. This system lost 50% of its equity today (and is still averaging down at the moment):

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