daytrade Eurex Bund versus Globex 10 Year Note..which is better and why?

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  1. daytrade Eurex Bund versus Globex 10 Year Note..which is better and why?
  2. Both the 10yr and the bund are great contracts to trade and if the 10yr was still a 10 deep market on the orderbook I would with out a doubt say the 10yr is superior but since they changed it to a 5 deep book and the bund is still 10 deep I have to say the bund is the better product to trade.

    Kind of off topic here but are you writing a book about each and every contract out there? I mean every post and thread that involves you is always asking a question about a certain contract. Do you even trade? Im sure this has been mentioned before to you but just pick a contract to trade and stick with it (especially if you are daytrading, not many can trade multiple markets and know a substantial amount about each and every one of them).

    Good Luck
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    So u like the Bund over the Tnote because u can see 10 bids and offers, and Tnote only 5? IF that is the case, why dont you trade the Gilt, there u can see 20!

  4. Yeah I think being able to see a deeper book is deffinantly an advantage. 5 deep doesn't really tell me much.

    Gilt? I can't trade that market for some reason.....might have to call my broker and see if they can bring it up for me.

    Thanks ynox1 and hope all going well with you.
  5. honestly...have you dealt with the fact the orders you are seeing 'are possibly' fake orders...OR...they are looking to say buy to get out not buy because it is going higher...I believe the DOM is very deceiving...
  6. On eurex you need pay to change orders so faking is not as common.
    As minimum boots can not change every few seconds orders.
  7. yes but say the ask is hugely loaded with think all are looking to buy and go long...BUT...could be just placing orders to cover shorts and the market is really bearish...agree?
  8. The depth of market- does not really mean much,as the pulse is so fast by the time a human has looked at the size bids/offers digested it and made a decsion to go long or short, then the market is often trading at a diff price and completly diff number of bid/offers at a price.

  9. Are you kidding? The fixed income market moves so fast that you can't look at the book and make a decision? Wow and I thought I was slow! I could see this in maybe crude oil, es, etc but not in fixed income markets. They move slow and there is plenty of time to digest the info in the book.

    Obviously you don't want to just be buying where there is a big bid and selling where there is a big offer, its a little more in depth than that but you can see what paper is doing and you can see big orders going through. It can be very helpful but you need to know what to look for.

    Just turn off your charts for a day and watch the book and be open minded about it and just trade what you see happening. I think you will find it can be quite an advantage.

    Also to the other poster who said these guys get fined for spoofing orders in eurex? I have heard of that type of thing and I think the US exchanges do that also. But I see 10,000 spoofs in the schatz all the time and I wouldn't think someone would be willing to pay a fee for spoofing that many contracts unless the fee is not that expensive. Could you please explain what your talking about

  10. I LOVE big bids and big offers....:p
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