Daytrade eCbot 30 year T-Bond

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by increasenow, May 23, 2007.

  1. does anyone daytrade the eCbot 30 Year T-Bond?...what have you observations been as far as daytrading it?...thanks!!!
  2. buylo


    Buy low, sell high. Vice versa.
  3. notouch


    Sell the rallies for free $$$$ = no risk 100% down room to go!!
  4. Aok


    I trade Bonds. As far as "daytrading" bonds, you are going to have to define your terms.

    Certainly you are not going to be scalping bonds on a 1 min or even 5 min basis. For 1 or 2 ticks? Whats the point unless you're trading 100 lot or more. Not exactly the best R/R unless you have a 90% accurate system.

    So you're going to have to go out in time 15, 30, 60m etc. Bigger swing, bigger stop paramaters, bigger pie to play for.

    Bonds move but they move like one of those cargo trains that you have to wait 5 min for it to pass. So you have to pick your spot to trade.

    You can trade size if you want, tight spreads.

    Probably prudent to know what the $, gold, and oil are doing since these things affect the economy and thus bonds.

    Also almost always weekly report that moves bonds and couple major reports monthly.

    Bonds are the "boring" market of bankers. Try em you'll like em.
  5. thanks..great spread and noticed they tend to swing between wuppoort and resistance points