daytarding margins increased due to unexpected rate cut ?

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    Did you broker increase daytrading margins of $500 for ES due to market conditions ?
  2. IB has temporarily abolished reduced intraday margins meaning you have to trade at the overnight rate until volatility dies down.
  3. Yes Open Ecry also raised it to half the overnight margins , temporarily
  4. them sticking it to the man, except the man is the customer, and the customer isn't the man

    but daytarding (thread title) is only the product of a montessori school
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    Yep, dayTRADING , sorry for the typo

    My friend at got his margins raised to 1/2 of overnight margins

    Any other brokers joining this move ?
  6. I love daytarding. Being tardy for an entire day, and still being paid for it!
  7. Daytarding...LOL...I like it. That's actually a pretty good word for the way daytrading goes sometimes.
  8. Disagree. I'm glad IB raised rates. It protects me indirectly.

    I'm not sure how they're 'sticking it to the man' by raising rates. Care to explain?
  9. There certainly are some daytards around here.
  10. Well with all the wild swings we have been having
    A lot of peopele must have blow their account ad the brokere are protecting them self by raising the day trading margin
    The market is in a real swing from here to there
    I was up yesterday $800 this morning i was down $ 2000 and i lost hope completelybut you wont beleive i am closing the day with + $1662.00 i must have trader mor then 50 contract :(
    HAve a headche :(
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