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    I'm looking to gather some information about Dayson Capital. I've come across just one other post from BhillYachtsman who took a job managing a portfolio remotely for them.

    I am set to interview with them this week and would like to hear from anyone with direct or indirect knowledge of Dayson.

  2. What is their business model? I forgot I applied with them and filled out their questionaire. I have an interview with them as well.
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  4. I've looked at the site before. They require a capital contribution from the trader right?
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    Why are you interviewing with someone who requires you to put up money to trade ? You should be the one interviewing them in order to see if they are sound enough to hold your deposit.
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    No, they do not require a capital contribution. From what I understand, they are looking to bring on some new traders in an entry level role (not sure how many) and teach them to trade their methodology(ies), etc. Somewhat similar to the Turtles of Richard Dennis in the 80s.
  7. dont you love that banner on the bottom ....

    status - currently closed to new investors?

    one might start think of them in the same cat as Moore, Caxton and Perry :)

    chop shops should be prohibited from having capital, asset management, etc in their names..
  8. whats up with that website?
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    On their website it speaks of a capital contribution and also they list rates. If you are trading strictly the firms money, why are rates even published ?
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    I am not interviewing for a position in the Pilot Program as listed on their website.

    The Quantitative PM role listed there is what I think BhillYachtsman is/was doing with them.

    This is something different.

    And I fail to see how a fund's status as open or closed leads to a conclusion about its legitimacy.

    You know what? Nevermind. Clearly this has not been an effective way to gather any information on the company.
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