days like today, I wish I was a scalper

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silent creature, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. come one people out there

    I need you to panic so I can use your hard earned savings and sacrifice to make money

    create some volume for christ's sake

    come on, you can do it, think of all the money you could be making.

    what is probably happening is today people are sitting on sideline waiting to see if this is still a bull market OR some kind of beginnig hell of RED ticker.
  2. Fed days normally always suck for moves. I scalp and I cant do anything either.
  3. screw this I am going to bed

    when fed announces they won't touch rates, what then, probably nothing

    there were times when staring at charts was all the entertainment I needed

    well screw that, been to school, long time ago

    good night all
  4. pre fed announcement is excellent (in index futures) for a basic means reversion strategy

    very very tradeable

  5. I think you just got your wish! :D