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  1. I'm going to start a simple journal: 1 trade per day, either buy at open, sell at close or sell at open buy at close. I will keep a running total of % of correct days and total points. Feel free to join in, but if you do, keep the same records and obviously try to post before 9:30. Instrument traded will be ES. Good luck to me!

    8/21 Buy @ Opening price
  2. Good luck.

    Kind regards.

  3. ES Open 1013.75
    ES Close 1024.50

    (I will use 4pm for the close, not actual ES close of 4:15)

    1 out of 1
    +10.75 pts
  4. All the best for your future Plan.......

    have a good LUCK
  5. 8/24

    Buy @Open
  6. Open 1029.5
    Close 1025


    1 out of 2
    cumulative +6.25
  7. maflip


    Hmmm...??? Sounds like trading based on a guessing game. I wish you good luck.
  8. Could you give us some indication as to what the strategy is based on?
  9. Its based on DV(2) with a filter I'm working on.

    Info on DV(2) here:
  10. Buy @ Open
    #10     Aug 25, 2009