Day's and Sessions Redefined?

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  1. Day Trading, Swing Trading, Trend Trading whatever you do we now live in a world of 24 hours. How are algo developers dealing with all the different sessions, time zones, global liquidity, lunch times, alternate impacting markets etc.

    For the most part I would say everyone is ignoring lots of overnight "well there is no more overnight really" information and data. It makes me wonder how traders who manage billions are dealing with global markets using algo's that were developed only on US day exchange data.
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    short answer is they are not dealing with global markets using algo's that were developed only on US day exchange data. I dont even think someone managing a couple million or less would do that.
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  3. Many trading methods such as pivot points, opening range breakout, fib ratios, lunch hour and ending session models all have been impacted by a narrowing daily range. some of that missing range is being eat up in the after hours where i see all sorts of good movement. could be one reason that managed money is doing so poorly, they like to sleep.

    also i think many traders are not aware that most software has erroneous sessions for many markets. for example if you have a daily chart of the 24 hour SP it will not be that same as displaying a 24 hour chart of the SP. there are some huge differences that legacy session times are causing.
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    Not overly difficult for a coder to quantify cash sessions , any session tbh . There are people who write code and there are people who use code , be the former then there is little you cant quantify
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  5. @MarkBrown what is it precisely that you are worried about? It is easy to create code which determines for each instrument on what exchange it is being traded and what time zone and trading hours apply.
  6. this post is not about the capabilities of code writing to change or modify session times in a global marketplace, rather it's a post about the omission and dereliction of the commercial industry to make note of diminishing returns caused by the apparent ignorance the condition exist.
  7. I see. I guess that is what humanity calls "progress" or "evolution".
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  8. Read up on synthetic data sets. What you don't see could provide opportunity.
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    No it’s not that difficult to quantify.

    What is difficult is qualifying.

    The criteria by which that process is engaged in makes all the difference.

    Furthermore it pushes up against inducted belief systems and therefore can be disorienting when evidence doesn’t fit into prejudice.
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