Daylight Savings Time Switch - Fall Back

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  1. North America does not change till next weekend but Europe and elsewhere is
    moving clocks back 1 hour on Sunday
  2. what does this have to do with "TRADING"
  3. Well, if we're an hour ahead of Europe, we can just call them up and tell them what happens. Split the profits with them!
  4. Thanks Wallace. Those of us in North America that like to keep track of the European equity markets close appreciate it.

  5. Daylight savings is a stupid, outdated idea that costs millions or billions each year in lost productivity and extra software development expense.

    Arizona has the right idea.
  6. iceman1: this thread's posted in Trading because the NA DST is an anomaly, not
    the standard, and will affect trading volumes if only marginally and initially due
    to the difference in traders daily start time
    MetaTrader forex brokers will have a 1 hour difference on the daily Close/Open as
    well those MT brokers who also offer US CFDs, stocks, futures will see a temporary
    difference until NA switches next weekend
    in other words the switch affects when some price data feeds come online
    most MT brokers advise users via MT of DST changes

    UK: "Our clocks will move forward by an hour for good - but only if Scotland agrees"
    by Oliver Pickup 29th October 2011
    "The clocks will go back this weekend to herald the end of British Summer Time.
    But it might be for the last time, as moves are afoot to keep clocks wound forward
    by an hour for good from next year.
    The final decision rests with Scotland - and those north of the border are against
    a move that would give them an extra hour of darkness in the morning.
    The Government is poised to back plans for Britain's clocks to go forward by one
    hour all year round, with ministers set to support proposals that mean moving in
    line with Central European Time, for a trial period of three years."
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  9. Clearly you're not a golfer.
  10. city slickers...out here we golf in the dark all summer long. Not only is it more fun, but it's free.
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