Daylight saving time problem

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NanoTick, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Even when I manually change the time on my computer, it still goes back to the old time once it updates with the NIST time server. Does anyone have the same problem?
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    Either download the latest WINDOWS updates, or unclick the automatic NIST sync, which should be correct by now.
  3. The NIST time server does not change. DST is adjusted on the local computer. So if your computer still thinks the date to change is April 1, it won't change now.
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    Are your Windows UPDATES up to date, you did not answer me?
    I have Windows XP Pro and my clock moved ahead one hour last night automatically.
  5. I don't have the latest update. My OS is XP Home. Do I have to get XP pro?
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    I got the same problem, after updating new DST patches from MSFT several times. Guess I ccould manually change time on PC, but the thing is, no matter what I do, Tradestation chart now shows central time trading session (i.e., open at 8:30 and close at 3:00).

    Do I have to change trade sessions manually in TS? Thought after updating for DST, TS would take care of itself, no?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  7. I think this DST will cause more problem on Monday than most people think. For now I just set my time zone 1 zone ahead, and change it back April 1.
  8. We have quite a number of testing computers here and we are well aware of the DST potential issues. I have gone all the way to blog the possible issues on our site.

    But, as of this morning, we have 7 computers that their clocks simply do not switch properly. They are all updated the same way by our admin staff.

    Think about software that depends on specific US time stamps - and that those servers behind are not handling the date time correctly ...

    The mess will last for couple of weeks so be prepared.

    The sarcastic thing is - US government is going to study if this change of DST will be benefitial.

    It would be very funny if they simply dump this new DST schedule by next year. :)
  9. If you change your time zone 1hr earlier you should be fine when you sync atomically. If currently nyc time (-5hrs), change to -4.
  10. Apparently DST is adjusted on the loacal computer. So in windows somewhere it has the change date, and my computer still think it's April 1. This whole thing is just crap.
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