Daylight saving hours.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoMoreOptions, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. How will daylight saving hours affect your trading and habits? Are you ready?
  2. Nordic


    Seems you have forgotten your medicine. May I suggest the 7-day pill box......
  3. Out here in AZ where we don't go to DST - I'll have to get up an hour earlier :(

    Oh and change all my damned charts to read 6:30-1:00 :mad:
  4. :confused:

    My computer just changes things for me, its like magic. :)
  5. =====
    About the same;
    about like the man whose blanket was too short so he cut off the top & sewed it on the bottom.:D
  6. i will lose an hour of sleep you idiot, thats about it. i can live with it. :-/
  7. remember if your a tradestation 2000i user, you have to shut your computer down and restart or your global server will give you fits with incorrect time stamp. a pain but ive learned over the years to just do it.


    How will NoMoreOptions stupid pointless ramblings affect the way you read ET?

    OMG!!!!!! It's daylight savings time. Things will never be the same.....AAAAAGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!