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  1. Day7793, I just got done reading a thread about how you stated you yield a 6-10% income a month. I have been researching covered calls and puts and so on so forth and I do believe that is very possible to do. You made a few statements which I so strongly agree with. Such as

    Managing your Risk - Dictates the amount of profit you make

    Not being controlled so much by fear, to know how to take a hit and let your other profits overcome your loss. And to win more then you loose.

    And that risk depends on your strategy and market conditions and underlying security. I would like to ask you a few more questions about how you yield 5-10% income a month and perhaps you could impart some wisdom to me. I ask humbly and want to learn. I would greatly appreciate this and I thank you for your time sir.

  2. His strategy is very simple. On his 10k account he sells as many naked SPX put contracts as the margin requirements allow. Then he prays. That's how you make 10% a month.
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    LOL. No one makes 6-10% a month consistently except people posting on the internet and those who trade on the FANTEX (Fantasy Exchange)
  4. I don't understand this, I though the stock market was a place for the Educated and Intelligent to make consistent good money. So basically the jift I have got from this board is that nobody can make 5+% a month consistently without extreme risk in options.

    Can you make that trading stocks doing Swing Trades? 2 Week - 10 Week trades? Can you make a return of average of 5% + Per month by winning more then you loose if you are educated and do it right? Because there seems to be no way of doing this with Options from what I am hearing all over.
  5. Yeah, and we all get free puppies on the third Friday of every month. I'm starting to run out of names for mine.

    Heh. If only there were such a place.
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    Even stupid people can make money in the stock market :)

    Day-schmay claims 6-10% per month. Let's be conservative. At 6% per month, your money doubles every year. In 5 years, $10,000 become $320,000. Well heck, if I'm that good, let's mortgage the house. A mere $100,00 becomes 3.1 million dollars in 5 years.

    But wait, I took the low end of his 6-10% claim Suppose he can do 8% per month ??? That crappy little $100,000 becomes 9.37 million dollars in 5 years. How come the tropical islands aren't overflowing with educated gazillionaires?

    Next thing you know, he'll be trying to convince you that he didn't inhale.
  7. Yes Day, we want to hear..... How can you do it if you:

    Full reference here:

    But in an earlier post you state:
  8. Hmm... CoveredCalls5, you sound a lot like your alter-ego day7793.. I suggest that the ET board mods look into this.

    Based on day7793's previous history over at Yahoo, I'd be willing to guess that he has created a separate alias (ala CoveredCalls5) on here as well.

    If CoveredCalls5 is *indeed* a separate person (identified by different IP addresses), so be it. I'll apologize for the mix-up.. Until then, prove me wrong.

    G'day mates.
  9. Well this is my plan everybody, in 4-5 months around that time I will have 10,000 dollars. Every month I will be putting 1,000-2,000 dollars into my portfolio from the 2nd job I am working. I want to invest this wisely, But won't have all the time in the world to sit at the computer and mess with it all day. I will be able to check it once a day, usually after the market closes. So what is my best bet on how I should invest my portfolio?
  10. No honestly I am not day, Go ahead get the mods to look up my IP address. I am a guy that is seeking how to build his money quickly and efficiently. And what better place to get opinions then the place of experienced and seasoned investors?

    I want to skip all the crap and get right down to learning what I need to learn so I can get on with it. I will be ordering those books listed in the other thread, And investing small terms of money to make my mistakes and learn from them. But I want to learn all that I can learn
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