Day Trading VIDEOS, sorry no popcorn!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Spectra, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Greetings,

    As requested, here is a list of recent videos placed on-line at our site. . . . The topic/content is listed as well as a direct link to the video below the description.

    There are also various other videos that were not produced by PureTick at CNBC Spot: (pod cast)

    How to lower your commissions substantially:

    How to find the trade setup forum. Sticking to setups. Max span

    Live session of Alex speaking on time cycles:

    How we use the Advance/Declines to enter high probability trades:

    ADX Indicator Information. What is it, and how is it used?

    Entering a strong trend with BBS's:

    Speed up your execution platform/PC:

    Recorded session from live trading room:

    Entering a trend using fibonacci retracements:

    FOMC Preparation and what to expect on rate decision day:

    FOMC Day, Dec 12 2006 move recorded by Bearishtrader:

    Catastrophic exchange crash! How to handle this. How to hedge your
    open positions:

    The Standard layout we use to trade the e-mini dow YM:

    Bear's live demo on how to follow Alex's trading calls with Bracket

    Market Profile. Brief explanation of Market Profile is and how to
    use it:

    Program trading information and instruction how to use the indicator.

    Opening range indicator intro 8/23/2006:

    MaxSpan opening range trade & rules from 01/08/2007

    MaxSpan opening range trade from 01/09/2007:

    Super Bowl Sunday. How to read track record. MaxSpan & Friday
    cautions. The YM SPREAD:

    Live recording actual trading, recorded by Bearishtrader on

    What is Tape Reading? How does Alex use it?

    Cherry picking trades out of your plan. HotCommCL install info.
    Free journal. Trade setups

    If you'd like to be notified every time a new video is released, sign up for our e-mail notification list by visiting

    Have a good trading week . . .

    Cajun Sniper/ Geoffrey Preston
    Systems Administrator/Trader
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    thx for the useful info
  3. Nice job guys. I haven't looked at them yet, but the tittles look good.

  4. bighog

    bighog Guest

    Team up with marketsurfer. :D
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    bighog who the heck is marketsurfer? i cruise the net and haven't heard of um'

  6. This is f***ing brilliant!!!

    Thanks for posting this nugget!
  7. Np. Alex made that one because a lot of users in our room didn't even know what time & sales was.

    CajunSniper / Administrator-Trader
  8. The november 28th link has been fixed. Sorry for the mixup

    ALSO--If you find these useful, please reply and let us know.
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    spectra do you have the link to the advance/declines setup in trade station?
  10. Sure, this was the most recent one alex did on Sunday. It did not exist when I posted that list and I cant go back and edit the original post.

    #10     Feb 27, 2007
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