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  1. Greetings,

    By popular request, here is an updated recent list of recent videos on-line on the PureTick site. . . .
    The topic/content is listed as well as a direct link to the video below the description.
    There are also various other videos that were not produced by PureTick at

    * = Added sine last post

    *Web Seminar Presentation recording from 2/29/2007 (minus the Q&A):

    *Using flush out volume to enter and exit a trade

    *Using multiple time frames for T S&R

    *Basic candlestick formations and What they mean:

    Using Trend Line to Enter a Trade:

    Revenge of the Trend Line Break:

    What's the best futures market for a newbie to trade?:

    When triggers fail! And animals attack:

    How to get the advance/declines & pivots on to Trade Station: CNBC Spot: (pod cast)

    How to lower your commissions substantially:

    How to gain access to member forum. Sticking to setups. Max span play:

    Live session of Alex speaking on time cycles:

    How we use the Advance/Declines to enter high probability trades:

    ADX Indicator Information. What is it, and how is it used?

    Entering a strong trend with BBS's:

    Speed up your execution platform/PC:

    Recorded session from live trading room:

    Entering a trend using fibonacci retracements:

    FOMC Preparation and what to expect on rate decision day:

    FOMC Day, Dec 12 2006 move recorded by Bearishtrader:

    Catastrophic exchange crash! How to handle this. How to hedge your open positions:

    The Standard layout we use to trade the e-mini dow YM:

    Bear's live demo on how to follow Alex's trading calls with Bracket Trader:

    Market Profile. Brief explanation of Market Profile is and how to use it:

    Program trading information and instruction how to use the indicator.

    Opening range indicator intro 8/23/2006:

    MaxSpan opening range trade & rules from 01/08/2007

    MaxSpan opening range trade from 01/09/2007:

    Super Bowl Sunday. How to read track record. MaxSpan & Friday cautions. The YM SPREAD:

    Live recording actual trading, recorded by Bearishtrader on 01/05/2007:

    What is Tape Reading? How does Alex use it?

    Cherry picking trades out of your plan. HotCommCL install info. Free journal. Trade setups

    Cajun Sniper/ Geoffrey Preston
    Systems Administrator/Trader
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    what do you think coupons are.. or commercials.. trailers.. samples at your local wholesale club.. FREE forms of advertisements but we all put up with them happily. I recognize these videos have a link but some of them are VERY helpful to me... take the free useful info and be at peace. no one is forcing you to visit any service

    elite trader is free because of its sponsors. would you rather pay $99/month?

    unless you know every tid bit of information already contained within.

  3. Drew07


    I think its good for a new trader like myself to view successful traders in real time. At the least (for me) it's entertaining.

    Do you get mad at McDonalds for advertising in between your favorite tv show?
  4. wojack


    Please share your stop system with us then. 15 pts on the YM is not large. Would you have us use a 100pt stop? It really depends on your objective and time frame.
  5. I assume you were talking to tradetime wojack but I'll post anyway.

    We do not set 'standard' stops. We use a method based on ATR of 8 bars, near by support and resistance, volume and a propriety volatility formula to trail the stops.

    It works well. You can not use a static set number for your scalp stops. They need to be set based on technical analisys.

    CajunSniper / Administrator-Trader
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  7. Exactly, that's what I've been trying to say. There are advertisements all over the place ransacking our wallets and yet we don't complain about that. Why? Because we are afraid to face the big advertisers. We can only fight the little guys because they won't fight back...
  8. I will throw my live trade videos in to the mix.

    Under the categories click "live trades" to see them grouped on one page. I have been recording one setup per day.

    Simple scalp setup yet I find these quite effective.

  9. The more the marrier
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    why are new videos not being posted?
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