Day Trading using EVDO Card

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by booyah, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. booyah


    Does anyone trade from their laptop using an EVDO Card (Verizon/Sprint). Im curious if there's any issues with the real time charts or any lagging issues, in theory it should work fine since EVDO connects up to 1mbps. I know the limitations being wireless and signal loss, just like a wifi connection is capable. But I was wondering if anyone uses this as their trading method. For people that want to trade during their work day, this would be safest and most private method.

  2. the latency on evdo/edge is absolute shit, on par with satellite. Expect a 1 second lag when getting quotes and sending orders.
  3. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    I have a revA (1mb/sec) card. Works fine and i use it for several trading days each week.
  4. gdh


    I've tried the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 from Sprint using TT's X_Trader and so far it hasn't worked at all. Could be that I have lousy connection (a single bar) where I tried it from. Also, it says 3G CDMA on the card so not sure how that compares with EVDO.

    I can browse the web but X_Trader appears offline (greyed out) as if the exchange is unreachable. So this isn't an option at least using X_Trader based on my limited testing. Maybe another card or platform works.

  5. sprint EVDO is wicked fast.

    on par with satellite?? are you joking/??? it depends on where you are.... maybe out in the hicks, the sprint link up is slow. always worked for me on the east coast.


    ps. i have used Xtrader via sprint EVDO and it works great.
  6. booyah


    thanks for the responses.

    I think the location plays a big part, the signal strength is excellent here all full bars.

    So you guys are saying you had no problems with the charts/order entry. I plan on using it for futures trading, and not occasional position trading, so I'm glad to know that the speed held up fine.

    Anyone use Open E Cry or IB to trade over EVDO ?

  7. vikana

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    I use IB. My EVO is with Verizon. Adding an antenna to the expressCard modem gave a big improvement in speed and latency. My experience is that the 1mb service is a bit more sensitive to poor signal and doesn't degrade gracefully.

    I primarily use it in San Jose.
  8. Realist


    I have EVDO on Verizon and even though I don't daytrade, I have executed many orders over their service and it works really well...
  9. inet


    Dose anybody use AT&T 3G wireless network?
  10. rayl


    Verizon works OK most of the time for moderate trading, though probably not for active day trading. I've used it even in moving taxi cabs.
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