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Wich ioffers the best trading and why?

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  1. SMB Capital

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  2. Online Trading Academy

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  1. szaby_n


    Hello guys,

    I have a quick question could you please guide me to a good day trading course?I heard about the Online Trading Academy and SMB Capital
    What do you guys think of the 2 or if you have better suggestions please tell me and also why i should go there what they offer more then the others

    Thanks a lot
  2. traderchi128

    traderchi128 Guest

    Find a firm that trains guys and then backs them with their capital. Those are the firms that are the ones who will have any interest in you suceeding.

    But....................if you do want to look into these types of firms, ask them the success rate of the guys they trained. Ask how high the turnover rate is.

    Firms like T3 and SMB seem to be very serious about their training, but with equity trading so much tougher (or as my buddies say, sucks) would be curious how their guys do after training ends.
  3. szaby_n


    Do you have such a firm in mind i mean if i ask them what their rate of succes is tell say well 80% 90% they just throw big numbers theres no way i can verify that thats true.

    I saw for example in Online trading academy that they let you trade with "their money"(obiously some of the money you pay for the course is given back to you to trade but i seriosly doubt that is more then 1000$ the inital course beeing 2499$).

    So i saw that you said that T3 and SMB "seem to be very serious" the seem wories me a little i must say.But from what i understant in you`re oppinion they are currently the best out there for beginers no? (please reply)

    Thanks a lot and if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know

  4. Stay away from Online Trading Academy. There's actually a really LONG thread in the education section that details what a scam it is.
  5. I think everybody should trade and never like to discourage a beginner, but if you haven't figured out the scam, I have grave doubts about your success. It only gets harder. But you haven't even cleared the first hurdle. Nobody is going to "train" you and then back you with their capital. They are all scams and you should have noticed that in the first 5 minutes. The fact that you didn't gives me pause for concern about your suitability for this business.
  6. traderchi128

    traderchi128 Guest

    I don't know much about T3 and SMB. I mean I have seen their ads on tv and the internet, and they seem to take training serious. But the costs at SMB are I believe like 10k, which to me is insane. Not sure what T3 costs are.

    Check Topstep trading/Patak trading. Someone posted about them and they seem legit.
  7. I've seen their ads on tv? No wonder 95% lose.
  8. szaby_n


    The only reason i tooked into consideration the backing up capital ideea is because i read a previos post the first one that is what i should be looking in.

    Has anyone gone on a course wich they have found to be good and recomend it