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    Im looking for an online broker to day trade in japan (stocks).

    i was browsing through the internet but i wasnt able to find one that looks reasonble.

    does anyone know any broker with reasonble commisions and some reputation who trades in TSE?

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    You might consider taking a look at Interactive Brokers. We are members of the TSE with direct connections to the exchange as well have a presence in Japan with our Tokyo office. (We're direct members of the OSE as well).
  3. Can't complain at all about the access you guys provide -- only issue in this case is that .16% roundtrip is steep for daytrading. Do you guys offer the same type of historical data for TSE/OSE as you do for the U.S. exchanges? I wouldn't mind doing some testing to see if there's enough opportunity to overcome the fees.
  4. Are the fees IB specific or are they specific to the TSE?

    .016% souds like what I was looking at to trade Taiwan stocks, but it wasn't the brokerage, it was a tax on selling stock.
  5. Not sure, hopefully def will weigh in at some point. Probably just a typo, but to be clear, it's 16bps not 1.6bps.

  6. I use IB only for futures on TSE and OSE, but their fees for stock are pretty much in line with the local brokers here. For futures they are lower than most for the Nikkei and the lowest of all for the Mini.
    I can vouch for their data. Since they switched to their own data after becoming an exchange member it's been rock solid.

    As you might know, Monex , a big Japanese broker, bought Tradestation and at some time in the future you should have access to TSE and OSE through them.
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    our fees are very competitive but costs in japan are high as there are a bunch of costs on the back end which are very high. As our volume and japanese client base grows we'll probably look at bringing our fees down.
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  8. this is a trading arena, mind you.

    when you mention price, services, fees et cetera....

    you can be specific and direct, e.g. 4.5 usd per roundturn on futures....

    so as far as you know or under your supervision or knowledge....

    what are some of the fees for roundturn.... in japan, hongkong, taiwan, shienghai or india.... pls?

    appreciate the forthcoming info. and thx much.
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    Not related to fees, but one thing you might want to consider for Japan is to provide the option to reverse the Bid and Ask columns in BookTrader. In Japan the Ask Size is on the upper left and the Bid Size is on the lower right. As is, it's an uncomfortable feeling, soft of like driving down the wrong side of the street. And when placing various types of orders it can be a cause of mistakes. It took me a heck of a long time to get used to it.

    I'm sure IB's developers could do it in 5 minutes!

    Thank you for considering this.
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