Day trading through a wi-fi connection at home?

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    I think you can never really calculate if less latency is better or worse. At least not if you buy/sell at market price.
    I trade the ES and I see many times that at the moment I buy or sell at the market, the price just went up or down 1 tick. You can never predict if the next tick will be up or down, an also not when that next tick will come. So you never know if you finally got the price you clicked on or another one. You can only be sure about the advantage of less latency if, when you enter the market, there will NEVER be a one tick move in the wrong direction.
    Only if you put an order in the market before it is touched you can try to see if the lower latency gave you an advantage. And even then it depends on where you are in the row with your order. I even think that your place in the row has more impact than the latency.

    As daytrader saving one tick would not really change my overall performance on the long term. If your profit or loss depends on the one tick you should stop trading and look for a better trading plan.
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    With NT brokerage, you use Cloudflare. So your connection is already faster than any normal connection on internet.
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    Great advice, thank you. You know things, for sure :thumbsup:

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    Yea, when market is on the move, always jump in front of other folks to get filled.
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    I like to quote myself ;)

    Very few of us day trade or scalp.... and actually make money from it, obviously.

    OP, if you discretionary trade like me and your orders are anything else than limit, they are impacted by the time you see something and the time your order is executed.
    During that time, you have your thoughts and reactions, mouse click, hardware, Internet speed, the software used, and the company sending your order directly (?) to the exchange.
    1 tick on the NQ is $5. An average of 20 orders of 1 contract or 5 orders of 4 contracts would be $100 per day. If you are successful, you probably trade heavier than that.
    I trade on average 150 days / year.
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    Speedy Trading Servers | Low latency hosting for algorithmic trading
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    That's utter nonsense, your knowledge seems to be dated by about 20 years. WPA2 is relatively secure, unless you're doing banking transactions without SSL/TLS (which simply does not happen). Almost all data moves through SSL/TLS.
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    30mbps is far more than you need. It doesn't even matter in trading but all things considered (like software updates in the background), you should aim to have at least 5mbps. Whether you have 30mbps or 300mbps is completely irrelevant for trading, in fact the 30mbps connection can have better latency than the 300mbps, which does matter in manual trading.
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    Even @Ninja Mobile Trader VPS confirmed this in an other thread. The PC that places the orders determines the time needed. Market orders are send from the PC at home, not from the server close to the exchange. So using a server will not help. It only works if the orders are placed on the server some time before they will be executed.
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