Day trading through a wi-fi connection at home?

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  1. The signal reception in my parents house is terrible and they have a pretty good router, but I think the explanation is that it's placed in a very bad place, i.e., a far corner of the house. I bought some equipment to amplify the signal and it is OKAY for regular surfing. Would not have traded from it, although I have done so a few times with small size and a cell phone for back-up.

    No drywall, though. And a big fireplace / brick wall.

    I think you might mix me up with someone else. But maybe I should. :)
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    I have traded ES with NT8 and IQfeed and also Continuum and monitored the needed bandwith. Even 1Mb/s is enough. My needs were hovering around 100Kbps. You surely don't need 30Mb/s.

    You can do the test by going to Taskmanager in W10. There is a TAB where you can monitor the ethernet LAN connection.

    Or download Networx V5.5 (most recent freeware).
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    If you have a home with multiple floors, you also want to consider which floors you frequent the most. If you imagine your Wi-Fi coverage as a sphere (like earth), then the router is the core. If you place your router on the ground in the basement, half the sphere of your Wi-Fi coverage sinks into your foundation.

    If you have two levels you use the most, the best placement to cover both stories is either the ceiling of the lower floor or the ground of the higher floor.

    Most importantly, don’t hide your Wi-Fi router behind books or in a drawer. Your Wi-Fi signal already has to work hard enough to penetrate the walls and floors of your home without adding more barriers. The best location in the room is out in the open.
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    No you shouldn't have moved. LOL Fiber optics is almost the standard nowadays. 30/30mbs is just way too low. Coaxial cable is really yesterday. But drywall doesn't do anything to the signal though unless your drywall is filled with lead that absorbs the signal otherwise if it's just regular drywall which is made up of paper, the signal would go right through. But then again, unless you are scalping or doing HFT, speed really doesn't matter much. What matters is the trend and volatility or lack thereof.
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    Well I was sure it was you gonna write a book but I have been known to get mixed up! Nevertheless, write a book. It is good to write thoughts down.
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    Router is Opnsense on an old HP Z SFF and the AP is ARUBA Instant. No problems for years
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  7. Thank you. :)

    That's very helpful. Will do some tests as soon as I'm installed in the new flat.
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  8. Yeah. I'd be surprised if the new apartment complex I moved into don't upgrade to fiber eventually, but for now it's old school broadband. Will just have to do some tests as soon as I'm installed.

    Thank you.
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  9. I think I have at times suggested to people that they should write their own book. :)

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    I discretionary day / scalp trade the NQ. Few months ago, I went back on all my trades to check precisely how efficient were my entry and exit times. I also did a MAE MFE analysis for this period of time.
    I use Journalytix and that helps a lot.

    After I upgraded my internet router and went from a "basic +" cable to fiber, I was able to reduce my slippage or bad execution, by 0.28 tick per R/T, on average.

    I also tested another broker + data + another trading platform, and the best combo gave me 0.76 tick per R/T, also on average.
    Of course, I can't say if I am just better than before (...) or my upgrades really work.
    So, it seems not much, but at the end of the year, 1 tick on the NQ ($5) and a lot of trades, is actually a lot of money.
    Hope this helps.
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