Day trading through a wi-fi connection at home?

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    Are you latency sensitive? Get a server in US
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    Is a US server also useful if you cannot place your orders in advance on that server?
    I am a discretionary trader trading at market price. So I cannot take advantage of a US server. When I push my button, I buy/sell at that moment at that price. Going from there to a US server which then transfers the order is slower then working without a US server I think.
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    Wifi Sucks, okay for none important things, even with a good wifi signal an a new router, still lose wifi for 30seconds while it restarts, where as the wired to the PC rarely does that.
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    If your router restarts frequently, then you have another problem.
    And where do you think you wire is plugged in?
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    Doesn't bother me for trading, but got gaming it's a bitch! :D
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  6. I get my data from IQ Feed/CQG Continuum and day trade futures at CME through Ninjatrader Brokerage. I'm based in Norway.

    Main data line would be regular cable, I suppose.

    The internet connection where I live was just upgraded to fibre with 1000/1000 Mb/s, but where I'm moving it seems like they just have regular broadband with a coaxial cable.

    The standard speed delivered to where I'm moving is 30/30 Mb/s which I assume is way too low, so I suppose I need to upgrade it. I actually don't know the speed of the old connection, but I assume it can't have been more than 100/100 Mb/s on a regular broadband and that worked fined at least with cable.

    How important is speed and how to know how much is needed? I assume I could do some tests as soon as I'm moved in.

    Oh, and I won't be pinching pennies. Cost isn't an issue within normal limits. I need a good and stable connection.

    Thanks. :)

    Thank you! I just did a test for comparison between wi-fi and cable in my current apartment that I'm moving from. Not much of a difference it seems, but then again the router is literally 1 meter from my computer with nothing blocking the signal.

    In the new flat there's a drywall/kitchen wall which might reduce the signal I suppose.

    The internet connection in the building I'm leaving was just upgraded to fibre with 1000/1000 Mb/s, so maybe it was a bad mistake to move. LOL.

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  7. 250 ping between Singapore and Chicago sounds about right. The average latency is ~230ms according to

    If you're running an automated strategy with market orders, or discretionary chart trading using market if touch orders and simulated stop losses (to hide resting orders from order books), then our Chicago based servers would still be very beneficial because those orders reside on the machine until their triggers convert them into market orders.

    For traders that aren't running bots and mainly chart trading, one of their primary use cases for our servers is stable internet connection because if their home wifi internet disconnects and needs 30 seconds to boot back up, they can just very quickly in about 2-3 seconds switch to mobile (even 3g networks are fine) and continue trading without missing the trade setup.

    For reference, here's the packet loss test to our Chicago servers with fiber 1,000Mb/s download and upload. The avg latency here is to Georgia.

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    I scalp, usually 1 to 8 points, in the ES. I do this off satellite that feeds a wireless router in house. I can sit anywhere in the house or yard and scalp. As a backup I have a hotspot device that runs off a cell phone tower. If my sat goes down I hook up my laptop to the hotspot. Yes, that is correct, I trade off an old Lenovo laptop running windows 10. Furthermore, my wife can be driving down the interstate racing 70 mph and I scalp off my hotspot.

    I simply don’t need all the high tech stuff. But then I ain’t scalping for 1 or 2 ticks. Nor am I doing HFT….well, I am in sort of a way, but it is manual HFT…ROFLMAO. It could be THE multiple accounts I have are just too little for a hacker to fool with..ROFLMAO…ROFLMAO…ROFLMAO. But there is a measure of security by having multiple accounts.

    KNOCK ON WOOD but in all my years of trading I have never had an account broken into that I know of. I suppose anything is possible though..kinda like trading..anything is possible.

    I have even traded live off cafe internets in Mexico and Honduras using their computers. Only problems I recall ever having is sometimes electricity goes off for hours in those countries. Or the internet gets disconnected. But I generally always bracket my orders upon entry …OCO …so if power goes kapoop or my laptop falls out the window of the car going 70 MPH I can stop at the next dairy queen and eat an ice cream cone without being all twisted up and afflicted as my orders are held on the servers.

    PS my house has plenty of drywall. Doesn’t seem to affect the signal that much.

    Now why do the experts push for all this security, speed and so forth? Well it starts with $$ and ends with $$ hint…hint…LOL
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    PS I don’t worry about pings.. unless it is ping pong. Good grief I ain’t scalping milliseconds or nano seconds. What do I need all that dreadful stuff for? But if I were going to do something about it it would be something along the order of that Ninja Mobile Trader VPS mentioned above.
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    Hey Laissez Faire did you ever write and publish your book? Seems like I remember a few years ago you were going to publish one on Amazon? Just wondering.
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