Day trading through a wi-fi connection at home?

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  1. Hello, guys,

    I'm relocating to a new apartment and have a few alternatives, but it seems difficult to get a physical cable connection between the router and my office in the alternatives I have at hand.

    In my old flat I had the router just beside my computer, so have been using cable pretty much always.

    So, how good is a wi-fi connection in 2020?

    I mostly day trade manually. No low latency stuff, but obviously a good and stable connection is a must.

    If wi-fi is a no-no, I might simply have to find somewhere else to live. :)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. terr


    WiFi is fine, as long as the signal strength is ok.
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  3. hilmy83


    i have these
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  4. tiddlywinks



    And, I would look into getting a dual-wan router which can fail-over to a cellular connection.
    Actually, this suggestion applies to most (home) office infrastructures, imo. A couple/few hundred bux.
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  5. SunTrader


    100 foot (30 meter) USB cables are available ya know.
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  6. mervyn


    ping the site for latency, it is slower than cable for sure but minute chart is workable.
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  7. rb7


    For manual trading (or click-trading), it doesn't matter at all.
    Just make sure to connect to the 5Ghz and not the 2.4 Ghz, cause the later is more easily impacted by micro-wave, wireless phone, etc.
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  8. I tested the ping on cable and wifi and the difference was 1ms. I don't do HFT, so wifi it is.
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  9. JSOP


    The connection quality of wi-fi is not the issue. It's the security of the wi-fi networks that's the problem. Any data that you transmit via your wi-fi network is not secure and can be easily stolen. So you are not supposed to do any banking or financial transactions over it. If I were you, I wouldn't.
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  10. Overnight


    If you really think someone is sitting withing 500 meters of your house with Wireshark sniffing your packets, assuming they have broken through your WPA2 security on the network, yer more paranoid than I would give you credit for. STOP THE MADNESS!
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