Day Trading the Fed Announcement

Discussion in 'Trading' started by xyannix, Jan 27, 2013.

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  2. "A final word of caution. Fed announcements have a tendency to whipsaw the markets back and forth before choosing a direction."

    fade the initial direction with a wide stop..

    i've always thought whipsaws were from binary type trades put on with stops lined up like dominoes behind the direction of least resistance leading into the announcement..
  3. Your views are unfortunate.

    The market behaves the same way for all important announcements.

    Try to give yourself a chance to understand markets by looking at how volume leads price in times before during and after news.

    Can you fathom when th news no longer affects the market? If so look inside the window where news has an effect.
  4. Expect possible changes to any correlations between the yen and gold looking a head. If you are holding even in the eyes of weakness and have large stops (high risk). Then it may be good idea to lower risk either through new trading habits or a less loose and more managed exit.

    Depending on your style and time, this type of trading may lead to boredom which if not addressed will eat up your profits. I would love to see a few charts of price and volume before during and after a press release. Particularly in gold