day trading, swing trading or investing

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  1. Does anybody here have experience in all 3 with at least 5 years total experience? If you take into account capital gains taxes, how much better returns could day or swing trading produce as opposed to investing over 1 year.

    I'm not interested in the opinion of people that only do one and have not done the others because your opinion is biased.

    I am 29 years old. I day traded when I was 21 (knew nothing) for about 1-2 years and lost about 20-30%. I then invested for about 1-2 years for about
    + 5-10% return. I then tried swing trading for about 1-2 years for about 15% return. I am now investing + selling options and trading option spreads. I have only been doing this new style for about 6 months but i like what I am doing. The variance seems low for the returns I am seeing.
    I would like to hear from people with experience like me. What style of trading produces the best returns over a long period of time. Please take into account capital gains taxes you pay from short term trading.
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    proper day trading can produce 300% per ann

    how do I know, well you are conversing with what you think is impossible :cool:
  3. I once made 400% in 4 months daytrading.
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    exactly, it is not unheard of even 900-1100% returns day trading. But the thing is you gotta know how to do it.

    Investing long term is not for people on this site. If you do invest, put it in a good fund with a good track record and forget about it for the next 25 years. because the market could go down and spend the next decade recovering. the nasdaq was at it's highs in 2000, now we are half way there.

    if you put 100K in a mutual fund and forget about it for 3years, you probably will have atleast a retirement worthy fund.

    but why do you want to wait that long? learn how to day trade or even swing trade, your returns could be several hundred percent a year.