Day trading strategys!

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    Does anyone wanna share day trading strategies?? Im new at daytrading and would like to know a one or two so I can start profiting
  2. I hate to ruin your day, but if your post is serious, please don't daytrade.
    Get about a 12 month trading education, then ask this question again.

    Trust me, I am doing you a favor.
  3. what kind of advice is that
  4. Do you have better advice for some one who says he is a" new daytrader looking for a couple of strategies to start profiting?"
  5. I'll have to agree with the other posts! Learn to profit from swing trading by holding postitions for 2-3 weeks before you daytrade! But if I could recomend some education buy toni turners book Titled BEGINNERS GUIDE TO DAYTRADING
    will be best $15. you'll spend! Also check
    out the web site Trading From Main Street.
    These guys are very professional and will help you in developing strategies. But like the other post take your time and develope paper trading strategies before loosing your capital, commisions and stops will eat your account very quickly if your not ready!
    Wish you the best been doing this for 3 years and love it!
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    I'm sure Gordon wouldn't mind sharing one or two of his winning strategies :p
  7. Yes...

    Here are some you can practice while using a realtime simulator...its a start:

    There are dozens and dozens of more strategies or trade signals discussed here at

    many mixed in with other threads as advice or trading tips.

    Thus, you'll have to start doing a lot of reading of past threads in stuff like the below...

    Prior to you attempting to start this thread...

    Good luck and have fun reading.

  8. :eek: LOL ....... My bad for being honest with the guy
  9. Yes.
  10. Daytrading is easy...

    These guys are just jealous.

    Just trade some ES using discretion. You'll start seeing patterns in no time.

    Everyone in here is under-capitalized hobo traders hoping to trade the market sometime...

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