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  1. I'm creating a database of day trading strategies taken from trade reviews by successful traders. I plan on updating it daily with new strategies or examples of already covered strategies. You can access it here:!Ag3p10maeR_bjEr8zI1BRLgu1rUX?e=wf5foX

    If anyone knows of any good traders who teach strategies or do trade reviews, feel free to share and I'll add them to the document.
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    My day trading strategy is to
    catch continuation and reversal signals.

    Very difficult to put it in words as it involves
    mainly arts and graphics.
  3. Why don't you share some charts of your trades so we can see what you're talking about?
  4. I added some awesome strategies tonight from Oliver Velez. It was my first time checking out his youtube channel and he seems to be a good teacher. Plus his strategies are simple and appear to be effective. Check out the 20 MA Uptrend/Downtrend, Engulfing Bull/Bear 180 Candle and Small Candle Engulfing.
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    Just watched Oliver Velez’ 20 MA video... you would be much more profitable if you did the exact opposite and executed your trade in the direction of the trend.

    He is also selling a combine like Earn2Trade, OneStep, TST and once you pass he will fund you and take 60-80% of your earnings.
  6. In the videos I've seen he teaches to enter in the direction of the trend unless the price is way overextended or underextended. The focus is with the trend. Please link the video you watched. I find it hard to believe he said to only enter trades in the opposite direction of the trend.
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    I think it was a how to scalp video. I tried to access the link you posted but it doesn’t.
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    Thanks for the link... looks very informative.
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