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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Agassi, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Agassi


    I want to what stocks are people day trading currently on NASDAQ & NYSE. Specifically I am looking for stocks that one can day trade most of the days (may be even every day).
  2. Is this supposed to be a journal or a request line for stocks?
  3. Can you trade? Because, if you cant, it wouldnt matter what stocks people are trading. First you should disclose your level of trading and then maybe others can give you stocks to trade. If you are brand new, I doubt recommending GOOG or AAPL would be a good idea :)

  4. Agassi


    I have been trading on and off (for 5 years). Have been with Worldco, Generic of Philadelphia, Andover etc. Currently not actively day trading. (Doing currencies GBP, EURO). I will be joining Madision Capital shortly.

    I would like to keep a journal in this thread. I have been following AAPL, SNDK, BBY. Just wondering if there are any others to add to my list. Thanks in advance.
  5. Agassi


    GOOG is off my list. Accoriding to Don Bright, "GOOG is for retail traders only and NOT for professional day traders". Can any one explain?? He compares trading GOOG to a weekend in vegas.
  6. Too expensive per share:D
  7. Boib


    Trade the market. QQQQ ,DIA, and SPY or the e-mini's.

    Liquid market and no problem shorting.
  8. Agassi


    I know. I follow the Emini and DIA, SPY etc. I am able to predict the short term movements of the E-minis and DIA. For some reason, I simply cannot believe that I can make money from it. It looks too good to be true. I have never traded the E-mini live but from looking at the charts, I am thinking, I can make 3-4 points on the Emini every day. If this is the case, then all a trader has to do is just to scale up and do as many as possible.

    If this is so easy then why isn't every body making money from the emini's?? Any body out there using the woodies indicator with the eminis??? or what method do you guys use?? I have read some forums here claiming that woodies indicator is a scam etc etc. So I am beginning to not believe in myself. I will have to try it out and see. The firm I am with don't do any futures trading. Do you guys do prop futures trading or just trade your own account?? Too many questions. But thanks in advance
  9. goog futs: $3450 margins and not too bad of a spread ~$0.3/0.5.

  10. lol, don bright is right. Very hard stock to trade. There are alot of easier ways to make a living. Did you ever play one on one basketball? If so goog is like playing against jordan(you may get lucky a few times but in the end you will see RED)
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