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  1. was wondering do any of you know a good paper trading software for stock that is free with charting and times and sales?
  2. das trader has all of that in its demo, but it's only free for 7 days
  3. no thanks! the software you suggested is from speedtrader i don't like doing business with them. I'm going to search for another software. Thanks for the info
  4. lightspeed?
  5. speedtrader doesnt own das trader! das trader is from das inc. it is used by other brokers, such as broad street or noble trading
  6. i'm going to take a look at lightspeed thanks!
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    True! but i can care less about speedtrader, thanks for the info
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    Some people complain that Lightspeed seems '90s. Frankly I don't see what it does that Power*Etrade doesn't. ?????
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    NinjaTrader is free til you need to submit orders to a broker.
  10. it is pretty 90s actually. their routing kinda sucks and the charts arent so useful either
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