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    That's what i am lookin. If you know any, let me know.
  2. I use the following:

    For news:

    For TA:

    For Day Trading:

    Good Luck.
  3. For learning or actual trading? For learning, I'm a member of daytrading university and have learned quite a lot. One of the best places I've spent money on.

    I've seen Ken, the owner, around here on occasion.
  4. I agree that dtu is a very good place for to learn with Ken
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    Thanks for the info. and are the sites I was looking for as a new daytrader. I am going to sign up for longbulltrading. What broker are you using? Thanks in advance.
  6. New traders especially should trade small lots, 100-300 shares. Keeps your risks down while getting your feet wet. For that reason a flat-rate broker can add up quickly. I use Interactive Brokers ( which charges 1c per share up to 500, 1/2-cent there after. You can roundtrip 200 shares on a daytrade for 4 bucks, market or limit. Datek for example would be 20.00.

    IB is also a super broker in its own right.

    In case we are in the beginnings of an intermediate-term rally, don't get too cocky if you do well in the beginning. I started last year, right at the March-April lows and thought "anyone can make money in the market! Piece of cake." Almost each morning I woke up to "Nasdaq futures are limit up".

    Then the rally ended and the market kicked my ass bloody. Started with a 7500 account (PDT rules weren't in effect back then). After making 8 grand initially then losing that plus another couple grand or so, I decided to sit down and learn how to trade properly. Who is it that said "Don't ever confuse a bull market with brilliance" knew what they hell they were talking about.

    You need to develop a trading plan that fits your style of trading and your capital.

    Good luck - this is the hardest job you'll ever love.
  7. Great Post.

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    Best site I've found for daytrading is
  9. Thanks for the useful info, Tech Analysis. I am going to start trading with 100 shares and see how I am doing. I signed up with yesterday and am using their system today for paper trades (i am having some paper profit :) ) seems to be a good site but it's for swing not day trades. I am going to stick to day trades so I won't be shocked if any gap happens the next day.
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    ...don`t exist (in long time run) :D
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