Day Trading screeners revisted.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dinoman, Jan 21, 2007.

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    First off, I will name what seem to be the most popular "day trading" stock screeners. I am sure there are more

    Trade Ideas, Pristine ESP, CyberQuant (CyberTrader), RadarScreen (TradeStation)

    Now, I think all of these are nice screeners, but still lack some good filters. I haven't tried RadarScreen though, so forgive me if I am wrong on these guys.

    Here is a list of things that I think should be added:


    I don't understand why these guys don't have "main filters" like If last price is above or below previous days high or low. This would be a primary filter before your secondary filter was triggered.

    A filter that only alerts a specific alert if that stock is in the top or bottom % sectors/Industries/sub industries that current day. This would be customizable by the user setting the percent and selecting from a list what sectors to include.

    Now, I know there are many trading strategies that can work in all scenarios. For example, Bear/Bull traps, news and many other contrarian plays.

    But, If I am not some how in the dark here. A good chunk of day traders look to get long stocks in the top performing sectors, with stocks above their previous days high and short the weak stocks below their previous days low in weak sectors.

    Of course it also helps if the stock is trending, making new Highs/Lows and other contributing factors. These are understandably a visual decision made by the trader once they look at the chart.

    For example with Trade Ideas. (not picking on them it is just an example)

    They have a 5 minute buy/sell alert based on common candlestick theory.

    Why would I want an alert on a stock that is in a weak sector and below its previous days low? The only reason I would need this would to possibly cover a short. If I was doing that , I like many traders would already be watching my current position.

    Now CyberQuant will show stocks making highs in a sector/Industry/Sub Industry, but they offer no intra-day reversal signals.

    We have all these great ideas, but all screeners lack a good 1st, 2nd or 3rd screenable criteria.

    Am I wrong to bring this up? Or do the day trading screener people not get it?

    One would think some of these guys would do it to steal customers away for the half way screeners.

    Any thoughts even criticism is welcome.

    I wish there was an Intra-day screen like TCNET. Atleast, someone gets it for the EOD traders
  2. dinoman


    I am surprised there are no responses already. I must be alone in my thoughts. :D
  3. billp


    Those screens are available. I can't remember from where but yes they are available.
  4. mrmoose


    check out insite
  5. dinoman


    Who is insite? I wish someone can tell me who has these available screens for I cannot find them.
  6. dinoman


    I searched the internet for "insite" and didn't find anything relating to a day trading screener. Can you provide a link?
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