Day trading Reuters article from today

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  1. The article speaks for itself.....the yahoos that came to trade this market and learned nothing.....are now making coffee for their boss and pushing paper for small pay.

    I had to adjust me style after April 2000. Hell, After a few months of position trading on penny spreads....i switched to options where there are 5/10 even 20 cent spreads.

    So, the knuckle heads in the press have no idea..They sound like the idiots on CNBC...Thats just it, they don't pull the trigger, those that failed were not meant to be.

    Sometimes you even have to switch markets.....hence Korea. A market in the mist a one of the biggest BUll rallies...I tried to get access but no dice. You need a Korean in the pits to make markets.

    Look at the long a few contracts already making a nice profit...that play turned into a midterm hold so far.

    Look at the Grains...Sugar is moving, nice spreads,,,,,can scalp sugar and make money..

    Joe public belongs in a suite and tie answering phones and selling something......

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  2. Yes its amazing what killing 12 people can do for one's reputation. I mean he single handedly replaced postal employee with daytrader as the person most likely to flip out.
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  3. When this is over short sellers will be alongside CEOs and accountants as the most reviled. Congress might even make a law to totally screw up the markets and make it completely unattractive to participate in. Note that people associated with short selling like Paul Tudor Jones seem to have totaly disappeared.
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