Day Trading Returns

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CTTrader, Mar 10, 2006.

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    What is considered fair, good, and excellent performance in Day Trading in terms of annual % Return and Dollars made?
  2. It's been said many times that 1%/day is probably the day-trading ultimate pipe dream.

    1% a day is 12x your money in 1 year.

    0.5% a day is about 3.5x your money in one year. Is that considered "good"? :D
  3. I'd say not losing money in your first couple of years would be amazing.
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    ditto. 30%-40% per year consistently in anything is rock star.
  5. Do-not look for % of profit that can be made on investment put in-to a trade, wrong way to go full-stop.

    What you need to do ,is work out what the market will give you with the system you use to make profit , If i said to you i can take 1 point from the E-MINI sp each day and i invest X-amount ,The gain depends on the amount invested (x-amount of cars)With a $200,000 investment 1% whould be $2000 Thats 40 point gain with 1 (contract) to make $2000 or 2.5point gain with 16 (contract) to gain $2000 your investment whould be 16x(contract price) to make $2000. at the end of the day if you are a small investor just take what the market will give with the system you have...

    Good luck....