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  1. It's been a week now, maybe not enough to measure success,

    but I'm a litte lost as to why I've lost money 5 of the 6 days I've

    been "In business".

    Some of the things I always do:

    1. Set stops (Usually .25 to .60)

    2. Look for good set ups

    3. Sit on the sidelines most the time

    4. I never "over trade". I lose x amt of money and stop

    5. I tend to trade the same stocks on a daily basis ( RIMM, TNH, GS, AAPL, GRMN, SNDK, VLO, OIH, ICE)

    ... yet I'm still losing.

    I guess my questions are:

    1. What are some of the things I might be doing wrong that many traders over look?

    2. Are my stops too loose for day trades?

    3. Should I trade more to take advantage of the days action?
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    bottom line, you are a losing trader. You have no edge and should stop before you blow out punk ha. :p
  3. Hows your paper trading going asshole?
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    Up over 20% this month in my trading account, real money asshole.
  5. Get off my thread and go do your chores.
  6. Cash,

    What is your typical share size?
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    Just put him on your ignore list. I did it the first time I read one of his posts. And please!!! Stop quoting his threads (the only way I see his posts) I feel dumber every time I read anything he writes.....
  8. your stops seem a bit tight to me for someone who 'sits on the sidelines' returns have skyrocketed since I have supplimented day trading with options swing trading.

    consider using multiple techniques and stategies to hedge your risk.
  9. In looking at your post again, I would suggest laying off stocks like aapl sndk and rimm-- you need to refine your strategy before trading stocks like that-- especially if you're putting on a .25 or 60. stop.

    Pick some slower moving stocks and cut down on your share size till you develop your strategy better.

    Hope that helps.
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    trading a stock like aapl or baidu with a .25 or even .60 stop is always going to make you lose money.

    obviously these stocks have a high dollar amount so they fluctuate 4-5 dollars everyday. if a stock is trending up or down aapl or bidu or wtv high priced stokc it is will fluctuate 3-4 dollars. it rarely goes up or down in a straight line( hence stop ineffective).

    so my advice to you, when u see a strong trend, dont put a stop of .25 or .60. u have to be little more of a risk taker if u see a trend. just let it ride for a little. check up on it every 30 minutes or so. now a .25 would be a good stop on a 4 dollar stock, but on a 125 dollar stock thats .2%. you will always get stopped out. even .60 u will.

    if you have been losing money for this long( from ur no. of posts) try to trade some stocks in the range of 4-25 dollars. also, when intraday, dont just look at the day's trend, also look at the past 4-5days. if the trend supports it, go for it, but after making some u must get out.

    even if i had 500,000 dollars to trade with, i would barely look at aapl or bidu. i like stocks better with prices of 4-25 dollars.

    but this is me, im not the best.
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