Day Trading: Mark-to-Market 475(f) Election?

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  1. These 2 questions are for US Citizens who day trade:
    1. How many of you who day trade have made the Mark-to-Market 475(f) Election?
    2. If you did make the Mark-to-Market election, did you also file Form 3115?
    I was looking into buying a year's subscription of Trade Ideas Pro. However, after reviewing the IRS rules, I realized if I did buy the subscription, which is fairly pricey, I might be required to make the Mark-to-Market election. To qualify for the IRS election, the IRS requires that:
    1. Your activity must be substantial; and
    2. You must carry on the activity with continuity and regularity
    I read that the IRS requires the number of trades per year must be at least 1,000 to 3,000 trades per year. This means, if I bought Trade Ideas Pro, I would be forced to make 1,000 to 3,000 trades per year.

    My understanding is, if you make the Mark-to-Market election, you cannot claim the lower long-term capital gain rate for investments of over a year even if they are in a different brokerage account.
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    Is your question, "how can I expense the cost of the program?" Why not contact your accountant. I expect he will suggest you create an LLC for your trading and that MTM is not necessary to expense expenses. This is a good resource.

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  3. My concern is more about avoiding the IRS "wash sale rule." The IRS wash sale rule makes it harder to make profits for daytraders. The wash sale rule can create a taxation nightmare for US citizens, not to mention the Federal and state tax reporting complexities.
    If I were to use an LLC:
    1. Would this avoid the wash sale rule?
    2. Wouldn't I be subject to double taxation, once for the LLC corporation and once for myself?
    Thanks in Advance.
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    1-you need MTM for that.
    2-no. A single member LLC is a disregard entity to the IRS. Filters to your own taxes. You should consult a tax expert like Green. This is an important decision to rely on a forum for information.
  5. Avoiding the wash sale rule would be my primary concern.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Then you need to declare MTM. There are important deadlines associated with this declaration that you need to adhere to plus you need to demonstrate a certain trading activity level. I would suggest buying the GreenTraderTax tax guide as a first step and carefully read about your options. Then if you need further help, set up a consultation with someone there.