Day Trading Like a Pro for idiots

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  1. I would be careful not to listen to things such as: bring a large sum of cash, open an account with a discount broker, make sure screen contains a lot of colours and charts of all sorts, stare at screen for whole day, some TV behind you, voice from pits, etc.

    There is only one thing where there might be a difference with a pro: the bottom line. Except that "you would look like a pro."

    You need education my friends, and possibly a longer time frame.

    In trading, people lunch on cash from other trader's cash. So it is either no lunch for all, or lunch for some and hunger for others.

    PS: I will be surprised if this thread stays here. Most likely it would fall to CC, which is fine with me. I want it to fall down there as a matter of fact.
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    Nice post. Completely agree. Homework pays off in the long run!
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    so why post under "trading" if you want it under cc.
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    Cold, it's time for you to cease creating aliases on ET, log off, and seek the support of your local psychiatrist.
  5. very good thesis and opening,

    perhaps this thread will develop wings and fly

    the difference depends upon where these pro's originate from

    there are those from the pit that trade on all those perceptory inputs, but from having been in the pits, they miss those inputs and seek to recreate them in their workspace.

    there are those pro's that never had those inputs, hit it big in short order and never look back and really don't know why they succeeded...

    there was one setup on 4 monitors that I saw, which in my opinion really wasted space in a horrible fashion,

    on two vertical monitors they expanded the dome on the emini contract to cover both screens and he increased the levels that he watched, so presumably the ES contract so that he could trade tape prices with no analytics.

    presumably he had lightening fast executions and scalped and risked seconds exposure, not sure, just suggesting,

    I once heard of a group that did over 18,000 executions on their dome and made upwards of $100,000 in 1 day's work

  6. NICE!!! after the round trip Commish$$ they made 6K

    Sound good ?

    YES to the Broker he made 94K

    Some will never learn, most will always try
    but like everything else in life they will do anything thay have to
    but what works !

    Cause that is hard work F%*()CK That