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  1. Shlomo


    In this thread I will be publishing my weekly results from stock day trading, starting from next week, with the sole purpose of helping me feel more accountable.

    I will not be discussing my method nor what I trade, just the results.
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  2. 10_bagger


    may I ask how long you have been day trading and what kind of account size you are trading with? I’m interested in seeing how you will do. Good luck.
  3. Overnight



    Discuss what you trade. Keep the method to yourself.

    Else it will just be a journal like a certain other one here, which just shows a phantom PnL.
  4. Shlomo


    Hi 10 bagger, I have been trading for a year and a half. I have a small account.

    Hi Overnight. I appreciate your suggestion, but I prefer to have a "phantom" PnL, if that is accepted on the forum. :)

    What is the point of saying what I trade if I do not discuss the method being used? What if I have an algorithm that puts on a thousand trades a day, will that be useful to other beginner traders?

    Week of July 6-10 (values in USD):

    Total = 3943
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  5. 10_bagger


    It’s pretty impressive that u have only been
    Trading for a year in a half and you are having these kind of swings already. I didn’t get these kind of swings until my third year of trading.
  6. Overnight


    Maybe because the market didn't have these kind of swings since the last couple years? And this year? Fugheddabouddit
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  7. Overnight


    At least say which stocks? Don't we deserve that much from you?
  8. 10_bagger


    i know that the volatility probably increased his swings but it’s pretty impressive to have these kind of swings in his second year of trading. There are lots of traders who have traded much longer who doesn’t have thousand dollar swings.

    I can understand why he doesn’t want to discuss what he trades because there are certain niche market or trading style that has limited liquidity so he doesn’t want The extra competition. A lot of traders wouldn’t even should their pnl so I appreciate him sharing.
  9. Overnight


    Ahh, the pink sheets. Got it.
  10. Overnight


    Yep. Not sharing which instruments you trade, and just the phantom PnL, will make you more accountable to yourself. Why not just write it down in your own book, rather than post it here? Usually people post their journals to show what they are thinking and trading, to give and receive ideas to/fro other people, maybe receive input?

    Not just a random column of numbers that mean nothing, since they have no context.

    *shrugs* Have fun on your phantom journey!

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