Day trading is losers game

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  1. There are so many threads negative about day trading , it was time to ask why is there no successful day trader in the popularity of George Sorros , Jim Symons etc.

    Trading is a zero sum game and day trading is a negative sum game.The only people making money out of it is brokers.

    If it was profitable to day trade , brokers would hire people to trade with broker's capital.

    A few internet marketeers are selling motoring , under the guise of successful day trading , but these are just scams.
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    Is this a question or a statement? :D
  3. Humans are amazing.....when they don't succeed at something they believe it must be because it's impossible. LOL
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    Natural defensive activity of the human mind... To avoid the pain of admitting true cause of their failure people start to seek for outside reasons.
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    you are more than welcome to be a day laborer for my construction company when you decide "daytrading was'nt for you".
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    Now that my work is done on passing along negative about trading due to 99% of ET members are extreme successful traders and own luxury tangible goods, i will begin posting positive.
  7. Bro, I've been doing this since 1998, thanks for the offer but you wouldn't be able to pay me enough! :D

    PS It's a wonder why you are still here....haven't you moved on?

  8. The facts are :Day trader does 30 trades a day , in a zero sum game , and pays 2 pip spread 30 times a day.60 pips a day in spreads is lost.

    Swing trader trades 3 times a day and pays 6 pips spread.

    Net loss is 54 pips for day trader.The answer is here.
  9. You owe me my fees first.:D
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    1. 2 pips spread is ridiculous. Boot your broker and choose another one. :D

    2. It is not a loss, it is an expense... Yes, it is significantly higher, but so is the profit. Many scalpers, including HFT algos pay absolutely huge amount in commissions, but nevertheless end up well in the green.

    In this business, it is not critical how much you lose or pay to your broker. How much you make or lose after you subtract your expenses and losses from your wining trades profit, that is critical.

    This relates to both trading losses and expenses, such as spread, commissions etc.
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