Day trading in Canada

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  1. Letho


    Anyone in Canada trying to make a living with daytrading?

    Thanks for your answers:confused
  2. Just started full time here in Windsor, about a month now, how about you?
  3. Letho


    I am thinking about leaving my job to start within a year. In the meantime i have enough time from the office to follow the market.
    My strategy:

    o Focus on one stock, feel it and get the maximum of it.
    o Short sale, long position
    o Favorite a the moment AIR CANADA

    We need to talk more about your broker and software

  4. I'm thinking about going full-time. Trading financials futures on short time basis. I'm based in Mississauga/Toronto.
  5. How cold/hot does it get in Canada? in Celsius preferably... I read that Canadian chicks are, how can I say, horny. True or false?
  6. temp

    -30 C in winter
    +30 C in summer


    +30 in winter
    -30 summer

  7. axehawk


    Who are you trading with in Windsor?
  8. axehawk


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  10. why trade canadian markets (outside RSPs) when no quality trading platforms and no low brokerage fees provided?
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