Day trading Hang Seng Futures

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Bing Wong, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. Bing Wong

    Bing Wong


    Is anyone on this list daytrading HangSeng Futures. If so anyone interested in starting a separate group on daytrading Hang Seng Futures?

    I live in Canada and work a full time (non-trading) job and find it more convenient right now trying to daytrade HangSeng in the evenings after work before actually making the transition to daytrading the S&P's.

  2. What would the hours be for Pacific Standard Time ???
    I guess if you can adjust your hours you could be fine.
    on the other hand I have been watching the US markets for
    20 years - trading a markets(unknown) like this could be a great wild experience you may want to do *only* with
    other people's money !!!
    OTM !!!!!! Yeas that's it !!!!!
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    The Hang Seng Index trades 9:45 AM - 12:30 PM and then 2:30 - 4:15 PM each day Hong Kong time. That equates to 6:45 PM - 1:15 AM Pacific time with a two hour break in between. Hong Kong does not have daylight savings time thus for half the year trading would start at 5:45 PM Pacific time.
  4. tymjr


    Bing Wong,

    How is the liquidity? I see the big contract trades more than the Mini. Are you trading through IB? What's the scoop with the HS100? Couldn't get any data on it. Thanks.
  5. def

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    Liquidity is good for small size <10 contracts. You can always get a fill. With larger sizes you may get filled as the market hits you.(i.e. the market will not run away from you if you place an order for 50 contracts on the screen. However a market order of 50-100 contracts can move the market 25-50+ points and possibly more if it blows through some stops. It can be a volatile market at times. Daily volume is about 20K contracts.

    The Mini has much less volume but as it is the same contract (other than multiplier) liquidity is ok since it keeps in line with the big one.

  6. Bing Wong

    Bing Wong

    Sorry to get back to you guys so late... try emaling me directly ( for quicker response.

    I trade the BIG HangSeng Contract. Liquidity is usually not a problem if you trade a small position size. I only trade on a 1 contract basis. To give you an idea of the occassional lack of liquidity, I've can usually make and also lose $500 CDN within 2 mins(that's only a 10pt. move). on 1 contract a few times/week. I've also seen the HS futures drop > 50pts in a matter of secs($2500CDN). I find the mini's too illiquid and you will lose too musch in the spread.

    I trade thru IB and they are very fast. Only problem is I need a fast charting/data provider.
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    Right. I haven't been able to find fast quote/chart provider either (ProSticks 5-minute is not adequate). Just took closer look at eSignal/IDC/FT Interactive, and ended up at their Asia/Pacific page which is still "Under Construction". Have not found any US data provider that deals with this. Are we missing something obvious?
  8. def

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    dkamp, prosticks 5 mnute charts may be not what your after but maybe it will suffice for bing.

    another provider with real time graphs (that's all they show - just a real time update of the index and future along with all other hk markets is quotepower. I think they give a demo as well.

    otherwise, check out the following list from the exchange web site.

    perhaps, the likes of reuters or bridge provide a product priced for retail.
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    Hi def,

    From Bing's description, its hard to believe you could trade HS contract with a 5 minute chart, but perhaps I'm just spoiled :)

    Anyway, we've gone over this in detail before, and I'll just shut up about this and wait for either (a) IB to get itself hooked up to a decent charting package (QT would be great), or (b) the world catches up to us and one of the major data providers or brokers makes it easy for us little guys to get hooked up to asian/pacific markets.

    BTW, I'd be happy to start an "IB + QuoteTracker" thread to lay out why this makes a lot of sense (that is, getting quote data from IB into QT), but have been waiting to hear if any progress has been made on that front after bringing this up again a few weeks ago. What's the status of this? If it's not going anywhere, why not? What exactly are the technical or legal issues?

  10. def

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    the merits of QT are known internally. However, there are other issues that need to be resolved that prohibit moving forward right now. I'm on top of this and will continue to bring it up at appropriate times.

    I can't respond or offer any advice in regards to trading from charts as I never use them.
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