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  1. Were any of you part of ? When it existed? It was such an exicting game... Unluckly I found it only one or two weeks before it got shut down (or probably went bankrupt) and got to play it only once.

    It worked a little something like this. You paid a competition entrance fee ($25, I believe) which went into a pool that you could win. Depending on the number of players, a certain amout of spots were paid out from that pool. You get a bunch of virtual money (100k maybe) and then get access to a virtual portfolio which you are supposed to day trade with. The site provided real-time quotes and worked off of real-time data. The each game only lasted one week and you were free to trade as many times as you wanted. It was really fun, the ONE time that I got to play it. What made it exciting and better than any of the other games out there now was that it used real-time data and lasted only one week.

    Is there anything out there like this now?
    If not, I was thinking of making a site like this. Would anyone be interested? The only problem would be getting a real-time data feed which costs AT LEAST 1k a month, which I am not willing to put up... But by grabbing quotes off of some ECN, the site would be cheap (free!), but only allow for nasdaq quotes. Eh, just an idea...
  2. Anyone??
  3. you might try TradeSports where you can bet on things like the Dow closing higher or lower, continuously throughout the day.
  4. HI Maharaja,

    I remember back in 1998 there was a website or link somewhere that listed all or most of the Investring or Trading Competitions.

    I don't know that name nor link but if its still around...I'm sure you can find it at a major search engine.

    Also...why would you be interested in starting a competition while expecting someone else to pay for its development and operation ?

    Do you have website developement skills or programming skills that's needed to make such happen?

    Edited In: Talk to Fast_Trader...he knows a thing or two about programming or getting something like that up and running.

  5. Make it, and they will come. I think it's a cool idea. I could make it myself if you're not willing to go ahead with this :D

  6. I am a Computer systems engineering major... I know how to do it ALL... I'm not going to pay anyone to do it. I'd make it myself or have some fellow CSE's help me out. Sorry Fast, I think I will be building it...

    Q: "<b>"Also...why would you be interested in starting a competition while expecting someone else to pay for its development and operation ? "</b>
    A: I'm not expecting anyone to pay for development. I'm expecting them to pay for a competition fee, which goes into a pool that the winners will win.
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    I think there would be legal problems building it in the U.S. or targeting a U.S. market. Maybe that is why the previous site closed.
  8. Go ahead and make it my friend. If it works out well, I can always have my development team build a better one within 2-4 weeks time-frame and market it like a madman! LOL...just messing with you man! :D But seriously, build it and I'll be your first customer.

  9. I wonder if it falls under Gambling laws. I looked into a dot-com project which fell under state gambling laws and DAMN, there is a LOT of red tape that you have to cross before you can do anything!

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    Exactly. You sure wouldn't want it to fall under any securities laws, though!

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