Day trading Future for a living ES YM NQ

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  1. To all the ET pll
    Has any one day traded future for a living ES NQ YM
    ANd how much have you invested 2K 5K10K 20K+
    And how has it go for you ( still struggling - ? ) or ( pulling 50K+ a year )
    Even pll who falied at it please give your advice about it
    Thank you
  2. easy money in , easy money out
  3. Dont get too down on yourself. Futures is extremely hard.... just a diffrent hard than stocks. Your luck may change from one week to the next.... i personly have lost weeks and months worth of gains... only to recoup it all back in a weeks time or so. It can be very depressing i know... but remember..... futures is like stock trading on steriods.
  4. I day trade ER2, YM, Euro, and sometimes ZG. I am still struggling in my first year to make money. I have lost less than 300 on a 5k account. I have been trading real money about 3 months. When I get consistent I will fund with another 10k or so. NQ whew, don't like the moves, or lack there of. ES has more program trading than any instrument.

    ER2 can be violent, but if you get the direction right, which I am good at, and scalp you can do fine. The currencies move nicely. I trade the futures not the casino forex.

    Oh the YM, you have to get a real big move or trade minimum double your normal lot size, or commissions will eat any profit you get.

  5. not condemnin' futs, just tellin' how it is...nobody here so far has ever shown a shadow of a proof he's makin' money consistently by tradin' exclusively futs, while with equiities there's at least some trace of 'evidence' in da pnl thread'n'elsewhere...sure u can trade 'em as part of a multitimeframe, multiproducts strategy but not as u instrument of choice: da odds of makin' it are stuck vs u big, big time.
  6. If you can trade dia, spy, or qqq then why don't you think you can do the same in futs ?
  7. because etfs are not dominated by bolts'n'bots as futs'n'competition is not as tough...battlin' against traders that can move huge size, dictate direction, addin' all da way up'n'down' ain't easy with u $5k acct innit[?] it's all brackets tradin' with superfast supersmart cpus for cryin' out loud...etfs are waaaay more gentle than futs'n'relatvely easier to predict [short term].
  8. Futures = ETFs on crack :cool:
  9. Do you talk the way you type? If you do, that's pretty funny.
  10. hans37


    I prefer futures trading. profitable? hmm breakeven over past 2 yrs

    I however have found a simple method and risk management that I am comfortable with and it's made all the diffference in the world.

    I am a purely discretionary trader.

    best of luck to all!!
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